75 Genius Bathroom Cabinet Storage Ideas

Genius Bathroom Cabinet Storage Ideas (33)

There are a certain things that are considered a must in almost every contemporary home and while we may not worry excessively about bathroom design when planning for a new home, it is still important to get it right. While the living room and the bedrooms might take up most of your planning time, one must not forget that designing a bathroom that seems like a natural extension of the rest of the home is a must to ensure that you have a complete house which has a single flowing theme.

A sink and cabinet underneath are generally considered as mandatory part of every bathroom and this is exactly where you can make an individual choice that is custom fit to your residence and will serve you well. Floating sink and cabinet designs are all the rave currently thanks to the many advantages that they offer.

We bring you here a varied collection of floating bathroom sink and cabinet combinations that will help you in making a more informed choice.

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